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Michael Paton

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otakiri, nz
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About me:
Name: Michael Shane Paton. Age:12 Birth date: 1/12/97 Favoutire Colour: As u can c its green. Favorite Animal: Wolf, wolf's are the best, same as penguins (^^> favourite author: Darren Shan favourite T.V show: Big bang theory, simpsons, family guy, American dad, Modern family, two and a half men, and more. Favourite band: Disturbed and System of a down favourite book: Hell's Heroes. Favourite song: Heaps,Like Bundy-Animal Alpha, Question!-System of a down, Your entertainment -adam lambert, and like i said, a lot more. Favourite Sport: Rugby Favourite subject: don't kno y, but math. Future job: Author Favourite food: America hot dogs Favourite... thts enough about me don't u think Hobbies: I like rugby, reading, being a tree hugger, and a wild life saver, snakeboarding, ( of course,) oh and i like girls.... opps...I LOVE TAYLOR LEE!!!! opps.. again   ,anyway i like swimming, oh don't forget BMXING!!!, oh and BMX up jumps, Fixing computers,fishing, hunting, and hanging out with my friends.
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Favorite Music:
Disturbed,System of a down,Gin,Muse.Guns and Roses!!!
Favorite TV Shows:
Deltora quest, big bang theory, 2 & a half-men, Moden family, simpsons, Family guy, American dad, and more.
Favorite Movies:
Eagle Eye, Transfomers,Transformers 2,Cirque Du Freak,and,Percy Jackson and the lighting thief.   
Favorite Books:
Darren Shan Saga,Demonata saga,Percy Jackson,Deltora Quest books,Harry Potter seires, Alex rider series and more.
Favorite Quotes:
"Just one problem, i hate your guts." Grubbs Grady, demonata. "mmm donuts, bluuuuuuu." Homer Simpson, Simpsons. "Was that sarcasm." Sheldon, Big bang theory. "I doubt that." Riku, Kingdom hearts.
High School:
No i will not tell where i am you might come and cry 0

AHHH IM A ZOMBIE! oh no im a koloa


Sora and Roxas

 Kingdom Hearts-Birth by sleep

 Aqua, Ven, and Terra,( left to right.)

Young Sora.
Young sora and Ven drawing.
Kingdom Hearts

Final fantasy, (lol i only kno Zack, the tall one, Cloud, the blond one on the right end, and
Sephiroth, the one next to Zack on the right, Both Cloud and Sephiroth is in
Kingdom Hearts.)


 Lief, ( boy,) Jasmine, ( Girl,) Barda, ( Man,) Kree,( Black Bird,) Filli, (on Jasmine, the girl, on right shoulder,)

Again Lief, Jasmine, Barda, Kree and Filli
Deltora Quest



Places I want to vist before i die:

I want to go to America, Greece, Italy, Australia, Japan, china, Europe, India, Africa, and Athens, for now, there's lots more, but i can't remember.

My favorite brands

No fear, and Urban Supply.

People I look up to

Darren Shan, Philip Pullman, 
Des Hunt, and Brian Falkner(  New Zealand Authors.)
All of these people are authors.

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